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This is the one-stop source for the unified office of the future. It will take you systematically on your way to build the network just right for your needs. The frequently updated information on advances of technology on this site will help you make the system that actually saves money and gets you to the cutting edge of technology.

Learn here
We will tell you in plain language fundamental information that you need to know to build your network, be it a network of two computers at home or a network of networks combining multiple sites spanning several states. We also provide installation kits for do-it-yourselfers. These include pre-installation and post installation help including telephone consultation. You need not go anywhere else to complete your job.

Avoid temptations
IT products are positioned in the market to sell in the easiest and profitable way for the manufacturers. The general approach in this industry is to sell individual parts and upscale computers. Often, these are bought because others have them or because of the gee-whiz attraction to the high-tech style of their presentation. High priced computers and components do not necessarily make an elegant system of high efficiency. Often they produce the opposite effect.

Careful design makes all the difference
We design networks that do their work unobtrusively in the background without needing attention and service. Products that are easiest to use and demand least attention deliver best efficiency to the office. Our designs assign duties to the components that they are manufactured to do best. For example, routers and switches control intrusions from outside the network and the servers do the work of serving files.

Modern networks are simple, fast and cheaper
We aim for high level of utility and efficiency for the office while reducing cost-of-ownership of the installation. As you will see on this site, our solutions rationalize and simplify networks. The standards based networks we describe here have the best chance to keep up with fast evolving network and communications technologies.

Get independent advice
At LAN and WAN, we do not represent manufacturers. Our philosophy is to provide the solution that best tackles the problem. We understand that no two installations are the same. Components are carefully selected to suit each individual situation. Though our solutions are remarkably simple, we provide an extended period of free help so that users settle-in comfortably with the new system.

When others sell computers, routers, broadband connections, we evaluate the requirements of the customer and provide the solution.

Start it today!
Whether you are starting a home-based operation, own a single office or multiple location enterprise, it is time to catch up with technology. The cushion for mistakes that was always available is gone with too many tech savvy players competing. So, plan well before deciding what you should do.

A good start is to evaluate what you currently have and what you want to achieve. The question arises, though, how would you know what you should have if you do not know what is available out there. We can help you with that. Tell us what you have and the nature of your business or needs. We will suggest what you need to do. Usually, our solutions lead the customer to new avenues of business that they did not envision before.

Please browse the well-illustrated pages of this site and call or message us if you have any questions. (See contact information on the left.) We will keep adding more information and details in the next few weeks. Specially, look for pages on Small-Office and geographically distributed Enterprise-Network. Remember to come back often to check out the changes.

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