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Home-Based Office

The most essential part of the Home-based Office is its computer network. A well-designed office at home can far excel over the traditional office.

There are obvious advantages of the home business. It helps to eliminate or cut down on expenses that were usually unavoidable: gasoline, dry-cleaning, formal clothing, childcare, office rent etc. Then it gives the freedom to manage time rationally. It saves the time spent on the road commuting to work. You can have extended work hours, 24 x 7, if you wish. All these add up to an unbeatable price and performance advantage over the traditional office.

If you do not have a network installed, please read the page Build Your Own Network and Ethernet LAN to learn how to build one. Otherwise, you may want to read the page ISDN-BRI on LAN to learn how replacing your regular telephone lines with an ISDN line could propel you to the forefront of technology without adding to your existing bills.

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