ISDN-BRI digital telephone line on the LAN

This network gives more than you can imagine for its low, low cost -- at least in Texas. (In Texas, the price of an ISDN-BRI line is about the same as for two analog telephone lines and can replace two existing regular telephone lines with additional powerful features). Leap to a state-of-the-art system with huge benefits and expandability without increasing your monthly bills.

The best thing about this system is that it converts your existing dial-up Internet account to a 128 Kbps digital connection very similar to an always-on DSL line. Then it provides the same fast connection to all the computers on the network. It also allows for bridging of two or more geographically separate, similarly setup LANs into one. Such an expanded network is known as Wide Area Network (WAN). The following diagram illustrates a LAN with an ISDN connection.


The (orange) ISDN router is used to connect to an ISDN-BRI line. An ISDN-BRI line comes with two data channels that double as pure digital channels and analog telephone lines. There is a separate smaller channel used for call management. This unique setup provides two telephone lines plus a fast, 64 Kbps + 64 Kbps, digital Internet connection virtually at the same time.

You (or we) would order the ISDN line from the Telephone Company specifying the proper mix of line provisioning that match our requirements. The preprogrammed ISDN router that we ship to you would do all the magic - two telephone lines and 128 Kbps clear-channel digital Internet access using your existing dial-up account (in most cases).

Recall that you have two analog telephone lines inside one ISDN line. Now, if you buy the feature, 'forward on busy', to forward calls from analog Line One to Line Two when the first is busy, you can answer two calls at the same time. The monthly Telephone Company charge for this feature is about $3.

Answering system and fax receiving
In our diagram, we have shown a red horizontal line on one computer box. This represents the fax/modem card that ships with most computers. Some of these modem cards also have a 'call discriminator' that detects fax calls. These modems can handle both voice calls and fax calls coming to the same line. If you have a program such as 'Ring Central', you probably have a modem with this capability. In this situation, you can make this computer double as your answering system as well as your fax machine. You can now publish the first number as your voice line and the second as the fax line while at the same time using both lines for voice calls.

The benefits
You cancel and recover the cost of two existing telephone lines and pay it for an ISDN line instead. This immediately upgrades the dial-up Internet connection to a 128 Kbps digital line at no extra cost. Then you get to use both the new telephone lines interchangeably for multiple purposes while reaching the Internet digitally from every computer on LAN!

ISDN to bridge Networks
Networks installed similarly can be bridged together by ISDN to make into one combined network. This is ideal for businesses that have multiple locations in the same local calling area. It is also ideal to connect the owner's home to the office to function as a disaster backup or telecommuting station.

The following graphic shows three locations connecting over ISDN or over the Internet using a VPN setup.

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